Our Team

Our Team

Nitai group is a fastest growing group in the world. We have large number of empowered Educationist , Agriculturist , Spiritualist , Socialist , Businessman , Mentors, Advisors  and many other dedicated personalities and team member who are working with great dedication day and night all over the world to promote Nitai for the welfare of the whole world. Some of them are:

  1. Shri Guru Parampara and Shri Shri Gaur Nitai [ Patron, Main motivators , Advisors and  Main Thought Giver Nitai Group ]
  2. Nitai Chandra Das [B.Tech ,  M.Tech  from IITB & MS in Nanotechnology -USA – Main Inspiration for Nitai Group]
  3. Chandrabhan Patel and Surajrani Patel [ Main Blessing Giver Nitai Group ]
  4. Amol Patel [ Founder , Chairman and MD Nitai Group ]
  5. Kalpana Patel [ Joint Director , Co – Founder Nitai Group ]
  6. Umar Khaiyyam [ CEO, Co – Founder Nitai Group ]
  7. Shailendra Rai [ Chairman Health Department and Assistant Director Nitai Group ]
  8. Lucky Kumar [ IIT Patna , Advisor and Partner ]
  9. Dr. Gopal Patel [ Phd NIPER Mohali , Advisor and Partner ]
  10. Khushboo Pawaiya [ Indore Division Head  Nitai Group ]
  11. Dr.Sourah Jain [ International Research Consultant , Jabalpur – Advisor and Partner]
  12. Dr. Sandeep Jain [ International Business Consultant , Delhi – Advisor
  13. Prahlad Patel [ Founder Member Nitai Group]
  14. Rambabu Mishra [ National Preacher Nitai Group ]
  15. Rajesh Patel [ Vijya Bank ,Advisor and Partner ]
  16. Punit Namdeo [ Mtech , Sagar Division Head , Advisor and partner ]
  17. Devendra Thakur [Jan Shikshak, Advisor and Partner ]
  18. Ratneshwar singh Thakur [Partner Nitai Group ]
  19. Harsh Wardhan Jain [ MBA Indore – Advisor and Partner ]
  20. Manoj Pawaiya [ M. Tech  Indore – Advisor and Partner ]
  21. Amar Sen [ Media – Advisor and Partner ]
  22. Rajaram Patel [Agriculturist  Advisor and Partner ]
  23. Prakash Patel [Agriculturist – Advisor and Partner ]
  24. Satyam Dubey [ Advisor and Partner ]
  25. Ritu Dave [ Mcom , Blib., Principal , Advisor and Partner
  26. Prabhu Patel [ B.E. Mech, M.Tech. – Partner and BDM Nitai Group]
  27. Madhav Murari Dubey [ B.E. IT – IT Advisor and Trainer Nitai Group]
  28. Veer Singh [ Partner and Business Development Manager Nitai Group ]
  29. Bharat Kumar Rajak
  30. Ravi Kumar Rajak
  31. Monika Rajak
  32. Aasif Khan
  33. Yogesh Shrivastava
  34. Shusheel Patel
  35. Umesh Tiwari
  36. Raghuveer Patel
  37. Lucky Patel
  38. Shyamlal Patel
  39. Bharat Patel
  40. Shusheel Patel Kushwaha
  41. Surendra Singh Thakur
  42. Vineeta Yadav
  43. Roshni Jain
  44. Shubhangi Mishra

                                                            Our Advisor

  1. Master Dhruve ( International Nitai Sound Yoga Trainer) : He is born on 1971 in a Gujrati Brahman family. He is an M.Sc. gold medalist (1989-1994) from IIT Bombay, one of the most prestigious universities in India. He has been a brilliant healer right from his student life. He founded Nitai Mission and Nitai Yoga at Radha Kund U.P.,India to share supreme Nitai mantra with everyone. He selflessly assit people globally to awaken their full potential by Nitai Yoga workshop. He believes that Nitai-Yoga and Nitai-Mantra which are the highest benedictions to this world, should always remain non-commercialized and free for one and all. He is a global author and speaker.
  2. Nitai Chandra Das ( IIT B , USA ) : He is the disciple of an American Swami Radhanath Maharaj. He is our ideal and main motivator to work for welfare of the society globally. He is B.Tech, M.Tech from IIT-Bombay and M.S. in Nanotechnology from Newyork USA. He is guiding and preaching spiritual science for the young energetic minds of prestigious institute like IITs, NITs, Medical colleges and Law colleges, corporate, industrialist and many more to understand the value of our Indian Heritage for the development of Nation.
  3. Balvyas Nitaimani Ji : He is the disciple of Nitaipreshthji and the founder & president of Nitai Care Foundation Delhi which works for the betterment of the underprivileged sections of the society. His mission is to spread Nitai’s name and glories all over the globe without any ulterior motives for the welfare of all living entities. He started lecturing on Gita. Nitai tattva and Bhagvatam right from the age of 13.
  4. Ravi Sharad Kelker: He is an Msc. Gold medallist in agriculture from Indore. He is the founder of AbhinavKrihi Manav Sansadhan Vikas Sangthan, Indore. He and his team is working in the field of Organic Agriculture in Madhyapradesh and Maharashtra. His team is guiding many Farmers, firms, Govt./Private organisation in the field of organic agriculture.
  5. Milind Nayan: He is Post graduated in economics from IIT Bombay. He is founder of Telelabs Wireless Pvt. Ltd. An IIT Bombay Startup company which provides outsourcing and training in India and Europe.
  6. Shri Damodar Patel: He is retired Deputy director agriculture and He is guiding us in the field of organic agriculture. He is our core strength in the field of organic agriculture. He always motivates us to work enthusiastically.
  7. S.K. Bhatt: He is born in Damoh and He is Deputy Commandant (Ministry of Home Affairs), Surat Gujrat.
  8. Dr. Ram Prakash Patel: He is born in family of a poor farmer. He desired to become a doctor and qualified MP-PMT examination after lot of struggle. He is young energetic MBBS doctor with DNB from Bombay hospital Indore. He is working in government hospital Delhi. He is always eager to serve the needy persons.
  9. Raksha Upadhyay: She is an Phd and working as Prof. In DAVV Indore and guiding young energetic minds to become successful engineers for the development of Nation.
  10. Abhilasha Gupta: She is born in district Badwa M.P. She is an M.E. from DAVV, Indore and presently working in Bangolore and running an academy for the students to guide them for the development of Nation.
  11. Shweta Rai: She is very young and energetic lady. She is an MBA, B.E. and Bsc. She has worked in various IT industries in Pune. She is very enthusiastic to guide young minds and for that she is teaching in various school to guide and motivate the children to achieve their desired goal.
  12. Mayoorika Shukla: She is an M.Tech and presently pursuing Phd from IIT Indore. She is very kind and always eager to serve the needy persons.